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International Journal of Computational Cognition (ISSN 1542-5908(online); ISSN 1542-8060(print))

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Make Machines Cognitive

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Volume 9, Numbers 1-4, 2011 (Volume in press)

Volume 8, Numbers 1-4, 2010 (Back Volume)

Volume 7, Numbers 1-4, 2009(Back Volume)

Volume 6, Numbers 1-4, 2008(Back Volume)

Volume 5, Numbers 1-4, 2007(Back Volume)

Volume 4, Numbers 1-4, 2006(Back Volume)

Volume 3, Numbers 1-4, 2005(Back Volume)

Volume 2, Numbers 1-4, 2004(Back Volume)

Volume 1, Numbers 1-4, 2003(Back Volume)

Aims and Scope

The discipline of intelligent systems has evolved towards its critical goal of embedding non-computable human sensations, perceptions and creativity into machines in 21st century. This critical goal can only be achieved with the help of a new engineering paradigm called machinself(from machine itself). Before building a machinself we need to build cognition systems into machines; namely, to invent a computational cognition. This is a multidisciplinary challenge. 

The primary objective of The International Journal of Computational Cognition (ISSN 1542-5908(online); ISSN 1542-8060(print)) is to provide a forum for an interdisciplinary audience, a forum accessible and affordable to scientists, educators, students and engineers.  It encourages readers to contribute their thoughts and experiences. With its peer-reviewed format and its traditional paper and e-paper forms, it services the scientific and engineering community as an easy and simple platform for developing the understandings and applications of advanced studies of creative and intelligent systems. 

Information for Contributors

  • The International Journal of Computational Cognition is published once every three months. It consists of tutorials and reviews, papers and letters to the editor. Tutorials and reviews are well-written, incisive, authoritative and with long-lasting value to future researchers. Papers are original contributions. Letters to the Editor are for the timely announcement of significant new results and discoveries. 
  • Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author is assumed to have transferred the copyright for it to the publisher. The copyright forms are listed at the end of this web page. 
  • Color pictures will be published online at no cost to the authors. 
  • There are no page charges and no page limit for this journal.
  • An complimentary accessing privilege will be given to the  author(s) of each paper.  

If the manuscript is in paper form, send Three (3) copies of the manuscript to the editorial office at

IJCC, Editorial Department, Yang's Scientific Research Institute, 1303 East University Blvd. # 20882, Tucson, Arizona 85719-0521, USA.

If the manuscript is in electronic form, email it to We prefer pdf, ps, LaTex and MsWord format. Correspondence concerning proofs, subscriptions, and other matters should also be addressed to the same Department. In both cases the manuscript should company with a cover letter providing the name, address, email, fax number, and telephone number of the author to whom all correspondences and proofs are to be addressed. Submission of a manuscript to the editorial office implies that the paper has not been published, that it is not being submitted for publication elsewhere, and that, if the work reported is officially sponsored, it has been released for publication. 

Latex Template for IJCC Paper

The stuff editors of IJCC are located in our Shanghai branch office and are very author-friendly. However, we highly appreciate authors' efforts of composing manuscripts by using our standard Latex Template. We do not have MS Word template yet. 

Copyright Form

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Key title International journal of computational cognition
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Place of publication Tucson, Ariz
Publisher Yang's Scientific Research Institute
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Start date 2003
End date 9999
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Tao Yang   Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Yang's Scientific Research Institute, USA
Goong Chen  Professor of Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University, USA
Guanrong (Ron) Chen Chair Professor and Director,  Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization, City University of Hong Kong, China
Adonis Moschovakis Professor of Physiology, University of Crete, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Greece
Yoshiyuki Suzuki Professor and Director Pediatrics, Clinical Research Center, International University of Health and Welfare, Japan
William Shi-Yuan Wang Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley, USA.
Lotfi A. Zadeh Professor in the Graduate School, Director, Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC), University of California at Berkeley, USA.
Vol. 1, 2003 Vol. 2, 2004

Vol. 3, 2005

Vol. 4, 2006

Vol. 5, 2007 Vol. 8, 2010

Vol. 6, 2008 Vol. 7, 2009 Vol. 8, 2010 Vol. 9, 2011 Send deposit copies to:
Library of Congress
Copyright Office
Attn: 407 Deposits
101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20559-6000

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