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Anus Detection

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Detect Asshole

Training your own pornography filter using our comprehensive labeled training dataset(on sale): click here to see the samples of the porno feature training image database.
This is a component of the Physical Linguistic (PL) Image Understanding Engine.
This anus detector (asshole detecting software) can be used to locate anus/asshole from images and video streams at different orientations and with different poses. This PL image detector is also very useful for building the porn-detecting software, which is known as PornDel, developed in Yang’s Scientific Research Institute, L.L.C., U.S.A.

This detector is a part of the Cognitive Image/Video Search Engine developed in Yang’s Scientific Research Institute, L.L.C., U.S.A.

Cognitive image/video understanding packages, which have been developing in Yang’s Scientific Research Institute, L.L.C., U.S.A., is part of the operating system for personalized services in the coming industrial revolution known as cognitive industry. To incubate the cognitive industry, the personal robots will play the same roles that computers had played in information age while the theory of a measureable cognition will play the role of the fundamental theory. To make cognition measurable is the precondition of making cognition computable.
Yet, it is very challenge to make cognition measurable because it will need scientists to make cognition a subject of natural sciences rather than social sciences. The first step to make cognition measurable is to make human languages, known as natural languages, measurable. To make natural languages measurable we first need to make them physical. Therefore, we need to change the linguistics, which is now mainly studied as a subject of social sciences, into physical linguistics, which is the counterpart of linguistics in the framework of natural sciences.
In physical linguistics, computational nouns are used to make nouns measureable while computational verbs are used to make verbs measurable. Computational nouns are made measurable via modeling their attribute values using probability, Boolean logic and fuzzy logic. Computational verbs are made measurable via modeling their dynamics using computational verb theory. The International Journal of Computational Cognition is an academic journal dedicated to these topics.

Commercial Applications

Porn filter is only the tip of an iceberg of commercial applications of PL image/video understanding technology, which has been used to implement video surveillance system, video flame detecting system, video intelligent transportation system (ITS), video card counter, stock data analysis, image search engine, natural language interface to game engine, cellular phone camera applications, dense fog penetration, CCTV camera night vision, webcam face login, webcam visual mouse, shadow detection and removal, vehicle categorization, very blur scratch detection, and many others.
Many SDK's are available for software programmers to program their own image/video applications based on this exciting new technology.

Academic Values

This detector is one member of a family of detectors for detecting human body from images and video streams. It is designed based on the computational verb theory, which was invented in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley in 1997 by Professor Tao Yang when he visited UCB as a visiting scholar. This theory was addressed in many academic papers and a comprehensive text book entitled: “The Mathematical Principles of Natural Languages: The First Course in Physical Linguistics.


This webpage is a scientific research report designed to detect and display adult materials, which may be considered offensive. Please be sure that you could be exposed to material of an explicit nature. All pictures followed are partially nude with objectionable contents blurred. To continue, please scroll down. Otherwise, close this page right now.



Anus Detection. This detector can detect female or male anus. The rectangles in different colors are automatically generated by this blowjob detector. The mosaic patterns were added manually. Two unique anus of which 16 flipped and rotated instances were generated.


For more information on this technology, please send your request to

This technology can be used in automatic porn detection, porn removal, porn blocker, illicit content mosaic, automatic porn locating, automatic porn filtering, automatic porn video preview generator.

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