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awesome_cougars 64 points 8 hours ago[-]

This seems to work a bit differently than my asshole detector, which primarily scans for SUVs with rims, polo shirts, fake tans and bleached tips.

jeeebus 3 points 8 hours ago[-]

polo shirts?

awesome_cougars 20 points 8 hours ago[-]

cruise02 11 points 8 hours ago[-]

Can you refine your algorithm to detect multiple popped collars, or does it just pick up any and all polo shirts?

awesome_cougars 7 points 8 hours ago[-]

A single polo shirt with the collar in traditional position will be flagged, but will receive a lower score than the good gentleman depicted in the above link.

cruise02 4 points 8 hours ago[-]

That makes sense. I just hope it's not a linear scale, because that guy looks like he's an exponentially bigger asshole than say, this random guy.

thebillmac3 5 points 7 hours ago[-]

Yeah, but that dude loses 5 points for resemblance to Ben Afleck.

jeeebus 3 points 8 hours ago* [-]

Agreed. Not all polo shirts fall under the asshole category.

But then again, I have never met the man, so for all I know he could be a total dick.

Wartz 2 points 3 hours ago[-]

that girl is hot

devision 3 points 2 hours ago[-]

Eh, she looks like a normal girl... I don't detect any exceptional hotness, just exceptionally bad taste in men.

megablast 1 point 5 minutes ago[-]

Well she isn't all dolled up like a 2 o'clock i guess she ain't hot.

SumErgoCogito 1 point 7 hours ago[-]

No, that came from the douchebaggery detector.

MelechRic 3 points 7 hours ago[-]

Barbed wire tatoo on the arm?

honda63 0 points 3 hours ago[-]

Why bleached tips?

FlySwat 43 points 8 hours ago[-]

I bet Goatse would throw it off.

nmcyall 21 points 8 hours ago[-]

That is an outlier case.

kretik 15 points 7 hours ago[-]

It's always the edge cases that turn your unit tests into shit.

ct4ul4u 12 points 4 hours ago[-]

It's important to stretch the envelope when pushing out unit tests.

lilzaphod 1 point 52 minutes ago[-]

Well, you have to think out of the box.

psed 38 points 8 hours ago* [-]

diplo 6 points 4 hours ago[-]

Thanks for pointing these out, maybe it will save everybody resubmitting each separately, since this is a spinoff of the blowjob detector (tho at least it's not labeled as "slightly" NSFW :)

Gargilius 4 points 3 hours ago* [-]

Well, these are not NSFW for those folks who work on all these body parts detection software... I really wonder about the whole work environment of these places.

EDIT: may be they can get fired for looking at pictures of cute kittens while on the clocki?

kermityfrog 1 point 2 hours ago[-]

If you look under the pandas, you can do a search for "dirty panda"

robeph 11 points 4 hours ago* [-]

I tried it for myself and it works quite well.

RDEB 20 points 8 hours ago[-]

I just feel sorry for the guy who had to code and debug this. Imagine having to look at assholes all day long.

unknownsoldierx 66 points 8 hours ago[-]

That's no different than any other job.

awesome_cougars 36 points 8 hours ago[-]

Q: What's the difference between a proctologist and a bartender?

A: A proctologist only has to look at one asshole at a time.

thebillmac3 21 points 7 hours ago[-]

A: With any luck, only one of them involves getting shit-faced.

UniqueUsername 0 points 2 hours ago[-]

One serves up drinks in a bar, and one looks at peoples anuses (anusii?) for medical reasons. Sorry, was that supposed to be a joke?

nmcyall 14 points 8 hours ago[-]

Soon they can build a GayPorn Detector.

if(scrotum1.touches(scrotum2)) flagGay = true;

thebillmac3 15 points 7 hours ago[-]

flagGay = scrotum1.touches(scrotum2);

reventlov 12 points 6 hours ago[-]

flagGay |= scrotum1.touches(scrotum2);

scrotum1.touches(scrotum2) is not the only indicator of teh Gay.

nmcyall 4 points 7 hours ago[-]

oh yea.

thebillmac3 6 points 7 hours ago[-]

NP. Glad I could shave a bit off your nutsacks.

cratylus 11 points 8 hours ago[-]

If they create a balls-detector, it will have to pass their eunuch-tests.

Ysx 3 points 7 hours ago[-]


[deleted] 3 points 6 hours ago[-]

robeph 2 points 4 hours ago[-]

no don't.

rlee0001 8 points 6 hours ago[-]

Just out of curiosity, what were you searching for when you found this?

codeodor 11 points 9 hours ago[-]

That's not cool. If I can't open it at work, how will I ever see it?

ChunkyLaFunga 9 points 9 hours ago[-]


slava_pestov 3 points 2 hours ago[-]

Do they have a unit test suite?

cactuspants 6 points 7 hours ago[-]

I should run this on my roommate's face

jrockway 5 points 5 hours ago[-]

Yeah, so it looks like the software detects the asshole when the picture contains assholes.

How does it perform on other inputs?

(I would like to see a real paper on this, not someone's marketing website.)

brrose 6 points 8 hours ago* [-]

still waiting for them to release "detect two midgets and thousand island dressing"...

teetow -1 points 5 hours ago[-]

I wrote one in C# last weekend, but it only worked so-so. I hear they're gonna improve the midget detection in .NET 4.0.

bajsejohannes 5 points 8 hours ago[-]

All time low for programming reddit :(

JayJupiter 4 points 8 hours ago[-]

Is the blur really necessary?

paperhat 6 points 7 hours ago[-]

I, for one, appreciated the blur.

PossumTucker 3 points 4 hours ago[-]

I don't think it works. I didn't see a single image of George Bush anywhere.

rems 2 points 4 hours ago[-]

Detect human body parts.

a1mck 4 points 7 hours ago[-]

This technology can be used in automatic porn detection, porn removal, porn blocker, illicit content mosaic, automatic porn locating, automatic porn filtering, automatic porn video preview generator.


SuperDoop_GO 1 point 2 hours ago[-]

hahahahahaha anus detection

nargi 2 points 6 hours ago[-]

"where can i find all the anal porn i'll ever need..? I GOT IT!"

himom 1 point 2 hours ago[-]

not sure about that -- it detects anuses (ani?) not stuff in ani.

alleagra 2 points 9 hours ago[-]

Who couldn't think of a zillion uses for this neat invention?

firefruze 1 point 9 hours ago[-]

Why?! Why would need something like this?!

muyuu 2 points 6 hours ago[-]

There is a lot of money in that biz.

ayrnieu 1 point 7 hours ago[-]

Tagging, searching, filtering. I have a really good macro image about this, but I can't find it :(

Lexarius 6 points 7 hours ago[-]

Is there a picture of an anus in it? If so, you might be in luck!

Figs 2 points 7 hours ago[-]

Porn search engine, or porn blocker. That's all that really comes to my mind.

robeph 2 points 4 hours ago[-]

There is an example on one of the pages of an inline porn censor. It doesn't block, it simply passes the image with white squares around offending parts. This truly isn't a bad thing, if this ran in businesses (where seriously people shouldn't be held culpable for sites that for whatever reason like to stick ads with shit in them, even though they're otherwise quite safe for work) the images would be there, but the offensive sections blanked out. I see no issue with this.

Also yeah, a porn categorizor would be functional too. "I want to see nothing but asses..." ok here ya go, it's like an extra check box in GIS.

paperhat 1 point 7 hours ago[-]

Perhaps they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

eclipse007 0 points 9 hours ago* [-]

Haha, Jack Thompson is so busted!

penguin673 0 points 9 hours ago[-]

Great for Goatse detection?

Beholden -2 points 9 hours ago[-]

Why are there not photographs of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and other neocons featured here?

paperhat 13 points 7 hours ago[-]

You are making a joke by intentionally confusing literal and figurative ass holes.

ProducedRaw 4 points 7 hours ago[-]

You are making a joke by deliberately stating the point of his joke.

skeen -3 points 9 hours ago* [-]

This is awesome. This would be great for porn-detection software. Instead of black/whitelists, how about if some software detected and analyzed the media of a web page a user tried to visit? Much better.

sligowaths 1 point 2 hours ago[-]

This would be great for porn-detection software


sintaks -1 points 8 hours ago[-]

I wonder if they're hiring.

Paczesiowa 1 point 4 hours ago[-]

probably they hire models...

sintaks -1 points 8 hours ago[-]

I wonder if they're hiring.